My CUJ Publications

From 1990 to 1994 R&D Publications of Lawrence KS published 8 of my articles in their various magazines. The name of the company was a play on words as the publishers were Robert and Donna Ward. The best known of the magazines was The C Users Journal which later changed its name to The C/C++ Users Journal once C++ burst on the scene. During that time the Senior Editor was P. J. Plauger. He became one of the central cogs in the machine created to standardize the C and C++ programming languages.

Of the 8 articles 4 were published in CUJ and are archived online. I have long ago lost the complimentary magazine hard copies unfortunately. ( Note: There was no Standard Template Library or STL, available for DOS at the time I wrote the Universal Data Type piece. )

Buffering Mouse Events

The Evolution of a Binary Tree in TurboC

A Universal C++ Data Type

Multithreading with OS/2 and Borland C++

I could not find the magazine cover images for the issues in which my articles appeared.
But here are some Sample C/C++ User Journal Covers